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New Friends, Old Enemies
While the small animals are resting, unaware of the events happening to Fox, The smaller animals suddenly declare that they have found a new home. After a vote on this decision, Owl is seemingly pleased at the turn of events and what is happening with Badger. However, after the decision is made, the baby mice start to cry and Adder offers to send them to sleep by hypnosis. However, she sends herself to sleep instead. Also, poor Toad has been feeling down about the animals losing faith in him to get them to White Deer Park. However, he is comforted by Badger but before they leave, Adder has to be woken up. It is left up to Weasels singing to wake her up and then the animals leave the smaller animals to their new home.

Meanwhile, Fox has been spotted by a human in the canal and so makes a run for it. He comes to a yard and in exchange for catching a few rates, the cat allows Fox to sleep there for the night. However, he falls asleep in a box and awakes to find himself in the back of the truck. After jumping off the truck, he heads for a field where a old horse lives. He warns Fox that he is on hunting land.

The group of animals are continuing on to White Deer Park when a strange sight is seen in the air. A bird has got a familiar mouse in its beak... dead. Badger tells Hare to run back to the smaller animals to see if they are alright. It turns out that the bird, known as the Butcher bird, had killed all of the baby mice and stabbed them onto a thorn bush. As the Butcher Bird guards his prey, Hare finds the older mice and voles. Although Mr.Vole admits he was wrong to stay behind with no protection, Badger says that he was brave to stay behind. As they leave the area, Badger blames himself for the events but Toad says that they'll make a nice 'spinney' by nightfall.

In the meantime, Fox finds a empty earth and falls asleep in it. He is, however, awaken by a Vixen and she invites him to hunt with her.

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