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Who shall wear the Crown?
Toad saw Badger in the river and with the help of Weasel, Hare and Hedgehog, helps Badger out of the river as he is caught in some reeds. After bringing him back to land, Badger is apparently dead. Mole is in grief but Weasel leaps onto his stomach, causing him to cough up the water he had swallowed. Badger asks about Fox and Owl says that Kestrel is looking for him down the river. She says that their is little hope though.

Meanwhile, Kestrel sees Fox floating on a log down the river. She sees him go under a bridge but not come out the other side. She returns to the group with the news and everyone is upset. Badger assumes command and leads the group. Owl doesn't like this and Adder teases her about it.

The journey continues and the Rabbits are unhappy because they feel that they are blamed for Fox's accident. Suddenly, Toad loses his way. Should they go straight on or turn left? They turn left but Owl informs then that they are heading back to the river. Toads homing instinct is pulling back to farthing wood and so would have to learn to go on memory. Owl and Kestrel would fly ahead and soon, Kestrel sees some scrub land which Toad does remember so they head on. Then a 'happy event' happens - The mice have had babies. Badger decides that the party will stop for the night. It seems though that the mice want to stay behind and Owl does tell Badger this. He doesn't know what to do because he doesn't want to leave them behind. Mole then wonders about Fox. He is alive and wakes up on a boat which enters a lock. The water rises and then a human spots him!

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