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Snares for the Unwary
After realising that they have left Adder behind, Mr.Pheasant, surprisingly, volunteers to go back for Adder. Flying poorly back to the farm, he finds Adder but also his wife on a cooking tray. Adder warns Mr.Pheasant but unable to move being overcome with emotion. He is shot and killed. The noise ripples through out the countryside and the animals realise they need somebody else to get Adder. Owl goes back to her and they both decide to stay the night at the barn and hunt rats.

The animals at the copse meet the local rooks who live there and that night the rooks have a sing song with 'Home Sweet Home'. Many of the animals are upset by this and so Weasel and Toad join in. The following morning, Owl and Adder join the other animals and were nearly about to set off when a baby rabbits gets caught in a snare. With Owls direction, Mole digs under the peg and the baby rabbit is free with a sore throat.

After the copse, a river is the next obstacle. While the current is slow and most of the animals make it to the other side, the Rabbits panic and get in trouble. Fox goes back to save them and with the help of Weasel, Toad, Hedgehog and Squirrel, the Rabbits make it to the other side. However, Fox is exhausted and cannot make it back. Worse still, a large mass of debris is heading their way. Badger bravely goes back to rescue Fox but both is hit by the debris, forced downstream and is pushed over a weir. The animals hurry down the river but no sign of either of the pair. Then Toad notices something...

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