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False Haven
The animals make their way through a storm and approach farm land. They joined Owl, Kestrel and the Pheasants who were sheltering under some trees. Toad goes off in search of better shelter and comes back saying their a barn not too far away. Worried about the humans, Fox makes a point of it but Owl counters that. When they reach the barn, the worn out animals get some sleep while Kestrel keeps a watch. Later on, Kestrel comes back in and it was Pheasants turn to keep watch. Refusing to get up, Mrs.Pheasant goes instead but a little while later, the farmer comes out to see his chickens have been killed by a fox. Angry with his dog, Bruno gets a kicking which wakes up Mrs.Pheasant. Spotted by the farmer, she is killed and the noise of the gun wakes up the animals. The farmer sees Fox and assuming that he killed his chickens, locks the animals in the barn while he reloads his gun.

Mr.Pheasant is really upset and the animals are trapped. Needing a way out, Owl suggest they dig their way through the floor. Doing this, Mole begins to dig a tunnel for the animals to escape through while Adder goes outside to keep Bruno quiet. As the farmer returns, Fox makes his way through the tunnel. Angered, he fires his gun down the tunnel but Fox is already safely out of the tunnel. Heading for a copse but Bruno is following them. Fox decides to head back and confront the dog. The confrontation leaves Bruno confused and the animals make it safely to the copse. Mr.Pheasant is crying over his wife but then Badger realises that they've left Adder behind!

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