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Through Fire and Water
In the morning, the animals are awoken by the sound of gunfire form the nearby army practice. When the wasps, that Weasel annoyed, drive the soldiers away, the animals come out from their hiding place and go for some water. When they make it to a marsh, Mole starts looking for worms and the Newts discover that the marsh land is the ideal place for them to live. Badger disagrees but lets them stay. After that, the animals set off minus the newts but the smaller animals begin to slow down, Toad particularly so by not being able to move. Fox decides to go back for him but while he does so, a smoker flicks out his cigarette.

While the other animals wait for Fox and Toad, Mole again goes looking for worms and then trouble starts. Weasel starts to smell smoke. While Mrs.Rabbit puts it down to the sting on the end of her nose affecting her sense of smell, a red glow can be seen in the distance. It a fire heading for the animals through the dry grass caused by the cigarette. Although the animals want to run, Badger says that they must wait for the smaller animals and when all of them do (except Mole), they are forced to move when the smoke gets too thick for them.

Fox makes his way through the smoke and fire and finds Toad. They make make their way to the other animals where they made it to a lakeside. After a short rest, they make their way over a causeway to a island where the flames cannot touch them. While they wonder about the newts (Who stayed behind in the marsh), the fire-fighters tackle the fire. When they have almost won against the fire, Mole pops put of the ground looking for the animals and a fireman rescues him. With the help of Owl and Kestrel, Fox saves Mole and returns to the island when it begins to rain and thunder.

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