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The Journey Begins
The episode opens with the animals assembling at the great beech getting ready to go to White Deer Park. While the animals get ready to go, some express their concerns about the long journey but when mole doesn't turn up, Badger goes looking for him while Fox and the others start to move. When Badger finds Mole, Badger finds out that Mole doesn't want to go to White Deer Park. This is because Mole overheard what Adder said (Slow and tasteless). Badger comforts Mole and promises to look after Mole on the journey to White Deer Park. When Badger and Mole find the other animals, they had waited for the pair so that they were not left behind.

During the night, the animals are desperate for a drink after not having one for ages, so they find a swimming pool to drink from. While the animals have a drink, chaos ensures as some of the animals begin to mess about and Adder is dropped into the pool by Weasel. This grabs the attention of the humans who own the swimming pool and also the cat who gets stuck in the cat flap. Fox then gets a stick to get Adder out of the pool. After flicking her out, Fox then pushes the cat back into the house and the animals celebrate.

The next morning, the animals need to rest, so Kestrel finds them a gorse thicket, over a road. But, it is the only place that is safe for them at that moment, so the animals begin to make their way over the road. The first two groups get across safely (although Adder had to be pulled the road off by Badger to avoid being hit by a vehicle because Adder found the road hard to cross). However, trouble came when Fox, the hedgehogs and Toad try to cross. The others made it across the road but Toad, absolutely exhausted, stops and is almost hit by a lorry but it stops just in time. Then Owl distracts the driver while Fox runs back to get Toad from the road. When everyone made it across, the animals settle down for some sleep.

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