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The Wood in Danger
The episode opens with trees falling and bulldozers. It spells trouble for the animals, more so for the farthing Toad who ends up being buried. After the pond is filled in, which was their last good water supply, the animals gather together for an assembly.

When the animals assemble for the meeting, they start to discuss the troubles they face within Farthing Wood. However, that meeting is disturbed by Toad, who managed to get out of the mound and make his way to the meeting. He talks about a place he went through called 'White Deer Park'. He says that all wild creatures are protected by humans. After taking a vote, most of the animals start to celebrate about going but Hare makes a point. How can the herbivores travel with the carnivores without being eaten? Badger says it is easily solved with the 'Oath of Mutual Protection', which is an agreement not to swallow anyone while en route to White Deer Park. After deciding on the leader, which was Fox, everyone agrees to meet everybody at midnight at the great beech.

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