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The Seige of White Deer Park
This book is portrayed by series three. Although the problems of Weasels absence are portrayed along with the new stag leader Stray the book tends to focus more on Fox battling the poisoning of the park and Bully the rat. In the book he is also not white, nor does he have the chant as shown in the show. His desire is merely to keep the polution so he can fend for himself within the walls without the troubles in the town.

Weasel - being male in the books also does not leave with Measly to have children. None of these side characters are mentioned, and Weasel (who later does gain a mate) is the only one who Colin Dann provides by name. It was chosen by the BBC to add these in, such as Pig and Rollo in order to give comic relief away from the more serious undertones of the book. Similarly, in contrast to the show Fox remains as leader of the animals and does not retire, Plucky is still very much a cub until the end of the following book.

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