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Fox's Fued
The Spring has arrived at last, but now some of the old residents have become resentful of the loss of their homes. Notably the old fox Scarface and his pack. Fox is particularly keen to establish the peace, as he and Vixen have just had four cubs: Bold, Friendly, Charmer and Dreamer. Meetings are held almongst many of the original band of animals. A bitter fued takes place which leaves our heroes bound to a small area with a boundary apart from Scarface's band although later many negotiations are made and friends are found.

During the book many of the cubs explorations are covered in more depth including the breaking away of Fox's own son: Bold

This book forms part of the second series of the tv show however features many characters omited in the tv. Most notably Mole and the Hedgehogs have appeared to survive the bitter winter. Also it is important to note that Scarface is NOT blue but a red fox like Fox. The decision was made by the creators to change his colour to make it easier for the viewers to tell them apart.

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