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Site History
The beginning
Aofw.Org began in 2003/2004 quite simply as a place to put fan fictions for the series on the Internet along with other home-grown media. This was done using a AngelFire account. After some minor changes (having a new URL - ana-vixen.vze.com), I decided that the best thing was to re-write the site and begin with a new account.

Moving up
The result of the move meant that that the AngelFire account became Farthing-Wood.biz.ly (admittely a spin from then biggest fansite of the time - Farthing-Wood.com) and this was when I started a new site, thinking that the old site was out-dated. The result, using image/flash creators, was the third incarnation of the site. At this point, the site moved away from the straw orange theme that both the old version of the site and Farthing-Wood.com shared to a purple/blue theme that is still the current colours of this site. We also had a proboards forum as well and that moved to invisionfree later on.

Version 3
Strength to Strength
The site moved away from biz.ly to goto xthost.info but unfortunelty, the site was lost. So the site moved to dhost.info. After re-developing the site to version 4 (although it was listed as version 3) and moving forums again to PHPBB, the site got a new domain, called aofw.co.nr. This design lasted a few months and then we moved on to version 5.

Version 4
The .Org era
Aofw.Org became live on the 31st of August 2008 as Version 5. The release included a community system that was meant to allow other fans to share and post their thoughts on a particular book or TV series. It was also more visually attractive than the previous versions. The site was meant to go into 5.5 but the update was lost. When version 6 was written, it was more viusally attractive than Version 5, but due to the poor structure of which it was wrriten, it never got released.

Version 5

Version 6 (the original)

Currently, we are in version 6.1, which is designed to be more informational than visually attractive.

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